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The Powerhouse Coach

In 1 year, can you imagine….

  • Serving hundreds of clients around the world with your Premium Offerings
  • Creating a 7 figure Coaching Business through monetizing your passions
  • Becoming a well-known Powerhouse Coach in your niche and rise to the top while impacting THOUSANDS


If you’re an aspiring life, health, or business coach who desires this kind of success, the fact that you are here is no accident.

I’ve helped hundreds of coaches go from no or sporadic income to building a 7 figure business with their passion and purpose.

My clients choose when they want to work out. They pick up their kids from school, have plenty of time for self-care, and work from anywhere they desire. They plan epic vacations with their spouses, live on purpose, and own thriving coaching businesses.

Through my exclusive mastermind, this can be made possible for you, too!

Because I hold a very deep belief:


Which of these sound familiar to you?

  1. You’re a coach who currently is working with clients, but you’re struggling with inconsistency and are unable to reach the income you want
  2. You’re a coach who has a coaching certification but you’re still struggling to utilize your passions in a way that allows you to impact thousands
  3. You’re a coach who has taken numerous online courses, but still don’t feel like your business is really “working” yet
  4. You’re a coach who has reached local success, but you’re looking to make a GLOBAL impact
  5. You’re a coach who is dying to rise to the top in your niche, but you lack visibility and feel ashamed that you haven’t hit the 6-figure mark

I’ve created a global brand where I enjoy $300,000+ months consistently with my Hybrid Evergreen Coaching Programs (and I’m here to show you how to create these types of programs, too!).

But the Powerhouse Coach is not only about the Money you will make…

But what you will make of yourself!

“Thank you, Carolin, for helping me to create a business that is totally in alignment with the truth of who I am.

6 months ago I was totally freaked out about what niche to choose, what offerings to provide and how to brand myself. I knew I needed help in a big way, but finding the right business coach in a sea of salesy marketing gurus is no easy task. I had 5 different discovery sessions that left me feeling worried and disappointed. Until I met Carolin.

I knew right away that she was the perfect business coach for me. Every session was littered with million dollar ideas! She not only understands the technical framework of running an online empire, she’s got a serious intuition that always knows the next move.

If you’re looking for a business coach, a marketing mentor or a branding expert, stop looking! I’m telling you, the only thing you’ll regret is not having signed up with her sooner.

Thank you for supporting me, even when I doubted myself. And thank you for helping me to make over $13k in the 2nd week of my launch! Much Love & Many Blessings!


Is it time for you to finally make
the consistent income and impact that a true
Powerhouse Coach makes?

You’re invited to join The Powerhouse Coach, a 12-month mentorship with you, me and a sisterhood of fellow passionate coaches who will intimately work together to create expansive transformations in their businesses together. My clients experience both inner and outer transformations that fosters a millionaire mindset and brings your passion business to life.

I’ve guided soul-centered coaches in the health, life and business worlds through my pillars of a successful coaching business over and over again. These pillars are the difference between where you are today and where you want to be exactly 1 year from now.

During our 12 months together, I will take you on a journey to transform your mindset and business from the inside out.

Each month, we will:

  • Become the next Powerhouse Coach in your Niche and awaken the woman who is clear and unapologetically driven to make a difference
  • Let go of what’s not serving you and be mentored to emerge as the best version of yourself by standing out as the powerful and authentic business owner you are called to be
  • Bring your vision to life for your multi-6 figure business that we build around your freedom lifestyle
  • Uplevel your brand, message, and income so that you finally feel on purpose, creating your life with intention and proud of what you do
  • Design your program offerings, masterminds, retreats and live events to unleash your power to its fullest potential
  • Implement systems that allow your business to flow with ease and set you up for true freedom and flexibility

You’ll master not only your mindset, but conquer your business goals to build the confidence of a Millionaire Coach.

You’re also going to walk away with:

  • A brand that will turn heads and magnetize your audience
  • A show stopping online presence including sales pages that do all the selling for you
  • A marketing strategy that delivers an unlimited stream of ideal clients
  • A soulful sales process that’s based on relationships so you wake up to new clients requesting consultations with you every day
  • A suite of program offerings that sell faster than the brand new Gucci bag
  • And so much more

This isn’t for just anyone – it is for driven entrepreneurs who won’t accept anything else but greatness and a business and life they adore.

I’m Carolin Soldo

and I created The Powerhouse Coach Mastermind because I use these methods
every day in my own business and I want to share them with you,
dear coaching sister.

Unlike a lot of Online Business and Marketing Coaches – I bring real life business, marketing, and branding experience to the table.

I’ve been in the coaching industry for over 7 years and I consistently enjoy $200,000 – $300,000 months with only 3 core offerings. 

I run my business with ease and a life full of time freedom and fun.

I have a MBA from a top university.

I built and sold a 6-figure online business and enjoyed tremendous success as an online health coach.

I’m the creator of the premier business coaching programs for life, health, and business coaches, including Brand Your Passions®, Bring Your Passions to Life®, and The Powerhouse Coach® and I worked as a marketing executive in the financial industry for 10 years.

I use my real life experience to teach my clients and students how to build rockstar coaching businesses that are successful and sustainable.

As a former health coach, I bring a unique perspective when it comes to business-building, brand-identity, and online marketing.

I’m here to empower female entrepreneurs like you to take charge of your success by building your businesses and erasing your limiting beliefs so you can live a free and abundant life.

If you see all of my current success and assume that I’ve always been successful – that’s not my story!

Even though I had exceptional traditional business skills, I was totally clueless when it came to online marketing, branding, and sales.

I’d try a marketing technique or tactic, then hold my breath and hit post, publish or share with my eyes closed – just hoping that it’d finally stick.

Here’s what went wrong for me –


And for over a year, I just kept feeling small, staying stuck and committing the ultimate online marketing sin….one off packages.

I was selling a one-off nutrition plans (for $97) with no system for following up and no system for taking people on a journey that allowed them to achieve true transformation.

To put it simply, I was leaving money on the table.

And even worse, I was overworked and over-tired because I was building my business on the side while under-charging for all the value I was

Now I’m able to live freely, experience abundance, and make a lucrative income without overwhelm or stress with a business model that provides my clients with the exact results they desire.

That looks like a minimum monthly income of $200,000 while working with a team of A-Players who support not only me, but my clients, too. 

I’m here to show you the exact steps I took to build my business and be there every step of the way for 12 solid months.

“I generated my first $20,000 in Business!

Working with Carolin gave me the plan and structure I needed to build a solid foundation for my business. Carolin helped me get clear on what I needed to do as well as how to prioritize it and it was up to me to make it happen. I redesigned my coaching program for VIP clients, increased my program price by over 300% from $1500 to $5000, learned how to craft marketing messages that speak directly to my potential clients.”

The Powerhouse Coach Mentorship Highres-1

How the Powerhouse Coach was born

Why did I create an elite program like this one? If you’ve seen my recent launches, you know I have a thriving Mastermind Program, Brand Your Passions®. I love seeing others say YES to their dreams and level up their life and business. The results of my clients make me proud every day.

From working with hundreds of clients over the last few years, I know it takes MORE than just a few weeks or even months to build a sustainable business. After 4 months, my clients are generating a consistent income, but seem to be stuck at the $10K mark. The clients who have worked with me for 8-12 months are the ones who are reaping the benefits of a six+ figure income.

I also noticed that my clients soar when they receive 1:1 coaching and mentorship. There is nothing as powerful as the trusted client/coach relationship and the confidence this creates in the client.

My own private clients, who were spending more intimate one-on-one time with me were naturally breaking through the low-to-mid-six-figure ceiling much faster and easier than those who were attempting this shift without access to a coach.

In addition to that, it takes community to grow a business. I have personally built the most powerful relationships in the coaching industry over the years and I strongly believe in the power of friendship.

That’s why I created the Powerhouse Coach with 1:1 Coaching from me and a powerful Community of like-minded entrepreneurs for 12 months with a mission to mentor 20 men and women to become the next Powerhouse Coach in their niche.

The Powerhouse Coach combines the critical mindset work, integrates the tangible business structures, and offers men and women a community of the ages to build sustainable, scalable and profitable businesses.

And most of all, it includes a generous amount of personal coaching time with me – which I’ve seen makes the number one biggest difference in the miraculous, exponential growth in my clients.

The Monthly Business Training Sessions

Here’s what you’re going to experience every month of The Powerhouse Coach Mentorship with Business Training Sessions hosted by Carolin and her team of Expert Trainers:

  • Craft a detailed 12 month Business Plan with a Business Model that works for your schedule and your checkbook
  • Solidify your ideal client niche and your desired Program Offerings to reach your Income Goals
  • Expand your wealth consciousness and master your mind to receive ALL that the Universe has in store for you as you take continuous inspired action
  • Design your WOW Factor Brand that’s 100% authentically unique and showcase your passions in a powerfully magnetic way
  • Take control of your finances to create true wealth and set up the legal structure for your 6 or 7-figure business
  • Harness the power of social media to leverage your time and success on a variety of platforms
  • Create a Never-Ending Stream of Ideal Clients by implementing advanced lead generation and online traffic strategies
  • Master the art of sales to serve your clients at the highest level, which really means never actually selling by facilitating authentic discovery sessions
  • Experience 6-Figure Product Launches with my own step-by-step system for effectively and constantly bringing your unique vision into the world with BIG paydays
  • Plan Live Events that bring your online experience to a bigger stage and go deeper with your dream clients
  • Establish support and structure by hiring an A team to support you in growing your company while you stand firm in your leadership role
  • Embrace the exponential Power of Collaborations to build your list and expand your visibility in the marketplace

Exclusive Monthly Mindset, Marketing, and Sales Training Sessions

I know the power of working with experts and so I have gathered my own team of expert guides to provide you with monthly 90 Minute Mindset, Marketing, and Sales Training Sessions for you and your Coaching Sisters!

Accountability Calls with Belinda Ginter

($5,000 Value)

Belinda Ginter is the in-house Mindset Expert on the Carolin Soldo Coaching Team
specializing in Emotional Kinesiologist with a 100-hour practicum completion in BET (Backman Emotional Technique) and is most well known for her ability to detect and remove negative past family programming at a subconscious level.

She is passionate about educating and empowering people to fully reclaiming and
sustaining their personal power. Using Emotional Kinesiology Belinda can locate and remove negative beliefs that may be blocking you to leave you feeling happier, healthier, wealthier, and more successful and open to all sorts of MAGIC.

Systems & Administrative Support from Jessica Spino

($5,000 Value)

As Carolin’s Business Support Manager, Jessica is passionate about helping her team achieve excellence through organization, system implementation and maintenance, and a proactive-problem solving approach. Jessica’s background in communications, client relations, marketing, and project management has also given her the ability and experience to deliver superior personal service to Carolin’s clients during every step of their journey.

Advertising Coaching with Tara Zirker

($5,000 Value)

Tara is the owner of Sunbeam Communications, a boutique lead generation agency that specializes in Facebook advertising, Google AdWords, and high-level strategy. With years in digital marketing for well-known entrepreneurs, New York Times bestselling authors, and established brands, her motto is to not do anything that can’t be measured. Tara is available to answer all your advertising and marketing questions and to help fuel your lead generation and sales funnels.

And something I’m so excited to introduce
are my 3 in-person mastermind retreats in:


Are you ready to be the next Powerhouse Coach?

The Powerhouse Coach is a private 12 month Mentorship Program for coaches who are ready to fully step into their greatness and cross the million dollar mark. In your application process, Carolin will personally explore with you when you desire to level up your life and business and become one of the next Powerhouse Coaches.




owning a business that allows you to fulfill your deepest purpose, reach head-turning results with your clients, and being known as THE EXPERT in your field.



creating a business that fully satisfies your desire for freedom, flexibility, and gracefully generates multiple six or seven figures a year without ever working more than you desire to.



being personally coached by me and my entire coaching team … a multi-7 figure coach who runs her business from her laptop while raising my 2 boys, enjoying a free life with my husband, traveling, and following my purpose in the world.



finally taking control of your destiny and receiving true abundance with all the transformational and luxurious experiences, beautiful things and powerful relationships that you will encounter.

If you know at a soul level that you desire to be supported this way,
then you’re invited to become a part of this brand new mentorship exclusively
for high caliber coaches with the desire to earn a Million Dollars or more annually while making the world a better place and being of service to others.

Powerhouse Coach CORE

Your experience will look like this:

  • 12 months access to the Powerhouse Coach Membership Site with a curriculum designed to scale your business to the Million Dollar Mark ($20,000 value)
  • 1 private one to one Coaching Call with our Director of Coaching per month for 12 months ($10,000 value)
  • Weekly Live Coaching and Q&A Calls with Carolin Soldo, Belinda Ginter, and Sue Richards ($6,000 value)
  • Email access for support from the entire team including Tara Zirker, Sue Richards, Cindy Bidar, Jessica Spino, Belinda Ginter, and Carolin Soldo ($5,000 value)
  • Critiques of your Webinars, Sales Pages, Sales Calls, and more ($2,500 value)
  • 1 Business Training Session per month with Carolin Soldo ($3,500 value)
  • 1 Mindset Training Session per month with Belinda Ginter ($3,500 value)
  • 1 Marketing Training Session per month with Tara Zirker ($3,500 value)
  • 12 months access to the private FB Group (priceless)
  • Guest Expert Trainings throughout the year (priceless)
  • 3 Two-Day in-person Luxury Retreats ($10,000 Value) in locations all around the globe
  • Free VIP Ticket to Carolin’s annual live event ($700 value)



Enrollment in the Powerhouse Coach is by Application Only.

I’m the next Powerhouse Coach!

Apply Now

Powerhouse Coach ELITE

Your experience will look like this:

  • Everything in Powerhouse Coach CORE plus:
  • On-Demand 1:1 Coaching Calls with Carolin Soldo and her Coaching Team (Sue Richards, Belinda Ginter, Tara Zirker, Cindy Bidar, and Jessica Spino) for 12 months



Enrollment in the Powerhouse Coach is by Application Only.

I’m the next Powerhouse Coach!

Apply Now

Watch What Other Powerhouse Coach Clients Are Saying About Their Success In The Program

So what will be possible for you and your business if you join us in The Powerhouse Coaches Mastermind?

  • Improving your confidence to sell with ease and grow your coaching business exponentially!
  • Increasing your overall business revenue and personal income to match your expectations and beyond!
  • Adding new packages that support your clients as well as you!
  • Selling out your offerings and raising your clients’ results to new heights!

Are you ready to join me and 25 of your closest coaching sisters and confidants? I’m here to welcome you into this Elite group of passionate woman.

I’m the next Powerhouse Coach!


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

  • Who is the Powerhouse Coach for?

    It’s for passion-based health, life, and business coaches who desire to level up including new and established coaches and hit the Million Dollar Mark.

  • Why should I choose this over a 1:1 Coaching Program?

    Well, this group experience is unlike any other because you’ll receive Private Access to me plus Group Coaching Sessions, Coaching with my Expert Team, and Live 2 Day Retreat Coaching. I’ve enrolled in group programs and really craved that 1:1 focus on my attention. I knew that when I created my signature group program I would run things a little differently and get to know each of my Passion-Based coaches! This kind of 1:1 attention is unheard of in group coaching programs. I truly want to help you be better. So, I’m giving you all I’ve got.

  • When will The Powerhouse Coach Program begin and how much time will it take for me to complete each month’s work?

    Enrollment in the Powerhouse Coach is on-going and by application only. It require approximately 15 – 20 hours of work per week. But this program can be tailored to your schedule. We have some coaches who work on their business full time and others work on it part-time.

  • When can I join The Powerhouse Coach Mastermind?

    You can join the Powerhouse Coach today.

  • What happens when I first join The Powerhouse Coach Mastermind?

    You will gain immediate access to your Program curriculum, coaching calls, and more.

  • I’ve already taken one of your other programs. How is this different from those?

    I give you everything I’ve got and have included exactly the right combination of personal training and group mentoring you need to thrive. This program is all you’ll never need to build a thriving Powerhouse Coaching Practice. No other program is THIS comprehensive.

  • My business is fairly new. Is this a good course for me?

    If you’re a total newbie to the coaching world, I wouldn’t suggest this for you right now. I would have loved this experience and knowledge as a new coach; however, we are going to require you to have a basic understanding of your sweet spot and ideal client niche. Check out Brand Your Passions and launch your Premium Coaching Business in 4 months!

  • Is there any support available if I have questions or get stuck?

    Plenty of support! You are going to receive access to Carolin and her team privately, you will have access to our private forum and community, plus the Group Coaching Calls and Q&A Calls. Not to mention 3 in person retreats where we will sit right next to you and work on your business together! The Powerhouse is a Customized Coaching Experience where you will receive personalized coaching and guidance for your business from Carolin herself. There will never be a moment where you feel stuck or lost.

  • What results can I expect?

    Of course, it’s important to add a disclaimer to say your results using this program may vary and are not guaranteed. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, business acumen, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and a host of other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level, nor are we responsible for your success or failure.

Have additional questions?

Contact our Coaching Support Team at